GEM is Macquarie University's design system for creating digital products that provide great user experiences.

GEM promotes

GEM exists to unify the work of our university's many web collaborators. With a library of carefully defined design features, users should have a distinctively Macquarie experience on any page they visit.

GEM's system of components and layouts simplifies the process of designing, building and editing the university website.

Functionality Functionality


over aesthetics

Above all else, everything does what it's intended for and supposed to do. GEM creates intuitive and responsive experiences for our users.


over volume

Less really is more. We build a clear path to the most relevant information using components that are scannable, accessible and organised.

Collaboration Collaboration Collaboration Collaboration Collaboration


over isolation

GEM makes it easy to collaborate because it's easy to use, even for people with little design expertise.


over bespoke

GEM strengthens the Macquarie brand by presenting a consistent look and feel, tone of voice and web patterns. This builds trust and increases user intuition.

Evolution Evolution


over legacy

Our designs and processes improve and evolve over time to meet the changing needs of users and stakeholders.